Hookah hose

Hookah Hoses

Eventually even the best hookah hose can’t be cleaned any more and its time to replace it. We offer several different sizes, types, and colors as well as modern & traditional designs.

Pipe Cleaning Brushes

We offer several types of reusable brushes for cleaning your tobacco pipes and hookahs. These have stiffer metal shanks than disposable


FANTASTIC Incense Selection

What Kind of head shop would we be without offering a large variety of incense to sooth your head? Main Smoke Shop Proudly Boasts A Huge Collection of Quality Incense Styles such as sticks, cones, powders, etc. With Hundreds of "flavors" to choose from.

Leather Pouches

Main Smoke Shop offer nearly entire range of leather tobacco pouch, like tobacco pouches for pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco and cigarette tobacco.

Liquid Cleaners

We carry the Bling brand liquid tobacco pipe cleaner. It is available in two varieties, one for pyrex (glass), metal, & ceramic tobacco pipes and one of plastics/acrylics.

Premium Butane

Premium Butane

Premium Butane By Attiq SEO Expert

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