Buy E-nails Kansas City

Buy E-nails In Kansas City

When it comes to dabbing concentrates, e-nails are the most convenient way to get your concentrates vaporized safely.

In short, an e-nail is a dab rig that uses electricity instead of a torch to heat up a domeless nail.

We carry a variety of e-nail options from top brands such as Galaxy, Ninja Nail, D-nail, & Mini-nail.  We offer a local price match guarantee on our e-nail products and offer plenty of accessories.  The best place to buy an e-nail in KC can be found @3429 Main Street.

The D-Nail Ninja kc

D Nail

E-Nail comes with D-Nail 1.2 seamlessly installed into a Pelican 1120 Case with plenty of space to spare The Solid Pelican 1120 case is secure storage case and perfect for traveling! The digital display of D-Nail Ninja Nail allows you to adjust the temperature of your heater (accurate to the degree).



They make this unit in Seattle, Washington in the good ol’ USA. It’s built with the daily dabber and concentrate enthusiast in mind, you can leave this thing on 24/7 and it won’t bat an eye. I wouldn’t really do that for safety reasons, but you catch my drift.

Galaxy E nail kc

Galaxy E Nail

If you buy Galaxy E Nail for dabbing then it will be an elevated experience for you. To get ceramic nail at perfect temperature E Nail uses electricity, instead of firing up a torch.

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