Electronic Hookah

Traditional Hookah Smoking Is yet another field that has recently experienced an onslaught of new electronic technologies. As a head shop that prides itself on stocking new trends and technologies, we carry many electronic alternatives to traditional hookah smoking.

We carry many quality electronic hookah products including hand held e-hookahs & electronic hookah heads allow you to vaporize e-juice, cbd oils, and other oil based vaping mediums directly out of your hookah pipe.

Electronic Hookah Technology

E-hookahs come in two styles: The Electronic Hookah Bowl & Hand-held E-hookah Vaporizers. E-hookahs, are essentially vaporizers that focus on replicating many characteristics of smoking hookah in a convenient portable package.

Electronic Hookah Bowls

We carry a number of top brands that make full functioning electronic, battery powered hookah heads. These amazing electronic hookah bowls provide safe and consistent vaporization of oil based vaping mediums.

Some people like to use an electronic bowl to cut out the need to buy traditional shisha and charcoals while other simply like to buy one to diversify the ability of there standard hookah setup.

An e-bowl makes the vaporization of any oil based medium such as e-juice or CBD oil possible. An e-bowl can serve as a complete replacement to traditional shisha & charcoal or a simple tool to add another way to enjoy your hookah pipe.

Hand Held E-Hookahs

Everyone seems to love portability, and thats why handheld e-hookahs were invented. Handheld hookahs, such as the square e-hose, provide a powerful portable vaporizing option with performance and flavors fit for a hookah connoisseur.

Hand Held Hookahs Vs. Electronic Cigarettes

E-hookahs and E-cigs work based on the same technologies, but e-hookahs are more focused on replicating characteristics of the most popular shisha flavors. Other than the design of the tools & the flavors able to be vaped, the technology powering an E-hookah & E-cigarette is the same.

Square E-hose Mini

Square E-hose Mini

The e-hose mini by Square is a simple, sleekly designed, ultra portable hand held hookah. The square ehose system uses cartridges fit for the tool and offers a variety of flavors to choose from.

Rook E-bowl : Hookah bowl

Rook E-bowl : Hookah bowl

The rook electronic hookah bowl is one of the best ways to turn your hookah into a complete oil vaping rig. This versatile electronic head offers high end vaping of any typical oil based vaping medium.

Phantom Smoke E-Hookah

For A Disposable Electronic Hookah, The Phantom Smoke E-Hookah Offers Alot of bang for your buck. This over-sized e-cig offers up to 800 deep puffs and comes in a variety of flavors.

Fantasia E-bowl

Fantasia E-bowl

The fantasia e-bowl offers a complete electronic hookah vaping experience right out of the box and offers the convenience of plug and play flavors from the fantasia line.

Square E-Head

Square E-Head

The Square E-Head is the most versatile and feature rich electronic hookah bowl that can be used to convert any hookah into a full fledged vaporizing system.

Fantasia E-Hookah

The popular shisha brand Fantasia is now serving up their most popular flavors with their new age e-hookah. This popular...

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