Shisha Flavors

LOTS of Hookah Tobacco Brands & Flavors.

In this day and age, many Shisha Companies exist, all offering unique blends and loads of flavor options. At Main Smoke Shop we carry all the top brands of shisha which adds up to tons of flavor options across a wide range of price points.

All kinds of Hookah Products Available

At main smoke shop, it is very easy to find quality products across any hookah related category. In addition to the top shisha brands we also sell top hookah brands, charcoals, and other accessories such as heads, hoses, and replacement parts, and vases.

BEST Place To Buy Shisha In Kansas City

When it comes to hookahs, flavors, and accessories, we are a true “one stop” shop. We offer a great variety of flavors across the top brands of shisha tobacco. No head shop in kansas city offers a more complete line of top shisha brands and such a wide variety of flavors as Main Smoke Shop.

As an authorized dealer of the top manufacturers in the industry we offer a price match guarantee across our complete line of brands. We will meet or beat the price of any local Kansas City competitor for any shisha flavor we stock. We strive to become known as the overall best place to buy shisha in KC 2016.

Hawaii Shisha

Hawaii Shisha Tobacco

Hawaii Tobacco is an American Company that makes their shisha from scratch in Portland Oregon. They offer a variety of flavors made from Grade A European Virginia Blend tobacco.

ALRAYAN Shisha Flavors

Alrayan is a hookah tobacco company established in 2011 that makes a molasses based shisha blend with loads of flavor options.

Something Girlie KC

Something Girlie

Something Girlie is an exciting new hookah tobacco brand made and tested by female hookah connoisseurs. This brand features many creative honey based flavors sure to make your lungs taste buds say WOW.


Fumari Hookah Tobacco

Fumari is a San Diego company that manufactures hookah tobacco in small, limited batches which are regularly replenished and hand-packed upon order for guaranteed freshness.

Starbuzz Shisha


Starbuzz is the most popular brand of shisha commercially available. In terms of widespread appeal, Starbuzz is considered by many to be the highest quality shisha brand in the world across many traditional and brand specific flavors.

Argelini shisha

Argelini Shisha

Argelini can be related to name brands like Starbuzz, fantasia.Argelini comes in a variety of packaging,

Nirvana Shisha

Nirvana Super Shisha

Nirvana Super Shisha is an industry leading brand that makes a unique dokha based blend that comes in a variety of flavors. Dokha is a strong Arabian style tobacco. Nirvana has recently reworked their shisha formula to provide for smoother puffs and better flavor.

Al Fakher Shisha

Al Fakher

Founded in the United Arab Emirates, Al Fakher has been passionate about shisha since 1999. Al Fakher is one of the most well known Shisha producing companies around the world. They offer high quality blends in loads of flavor options.

Haze Shisha


Haze is an awesome company out of Richmond Texas that makes loads of creative and well made shisha blends.

Fantasia Shisha

Fantasia Shisha

Buy Shisha in Kansas City Main Smoke Shop Kansas City offering a huge variety of shisha tobacco, with different flavors....

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