Water Pipes [BONGS]

Best Glass Pipe Selection In Kansas City

We specialize In Water Pipes

Upon Entering Main Smoke Shop, one will quickly see that water pipes (a.k.a. bongs) are a specialty in our store. We offer the widest selection of glass water pipes in Kansas City because we not only sell top brands, we also acquire custom made pieces from both internationally renowned, and local Kansas City artists.

Top Brands + Local Made Glass Pipes

In addition to a variety of industry leading brand options, we also stock glass pipes from international and local kansas city artists.

All Shapes, Sizes, & Applications

We sell micro bongs and bubblers all the way up to 6 foot water pipes. We even carry awesome handheld nectar collectors. Our variety is mind blowing. We have water pipes made from hard glass, soft glass, ceramic, acrylic, and silicone. Our selection ranges from simple traditional designs, to ultra smooth, high pressurized, scientific water bongs.

Make Any Glass Jointed Water Pipe Into Dab Rig

We can setup your bong to accept wax concentrates. This type of water pipe is commonly described as a dab rig.

Use Your Water Pipe With E-cigs + Vape Pens

We offer jointing capabilities for electronic cigarettes & vape pens. We can help you set up a water pipe as a filtering tool for any e-cig or vape pen. This capability adds variety to the types of mediums that you can use in your pipe whether it be dry herbs, waxy concentrates, or oil based mediums. There is no limit to what your water pipe can do when you buy from us.

Best Place To Buy Water Pipes In KC

We carry quality selections and tons of accessory items for any water bong. We offer a price match guarantee across our complete line of glass pipes for any top brands. Our goal is to be known as the best place to buy a glass water pipe in Midtown Kansas City 2017.

Disclaimer: Our water pipes [bongs] are marketed for legal smoking mediums .  Due to laws surrounding our business we must insist that you refrain from using cannabis related vocabulary such as: pot, weed, marijuana, ect.

GRAVLABS Water Pipes

Water Pipes Don't Come More Technologically Impressive And Sleekly Designed Than Those Made By GRAVLABS.

Ceramic hand made water pipes in kc

Ceramic Handmade Water Pipes

A rare collection of ceramic handmade water pipes available at Main Smoke & Gift Shop.

Hydros Glass

Hydros Glass

Hydros glass makes ultra smooth, sleekly designed pipes. We carry a variety of hydros pipes complete with stem and titanium dab conversion addons. Finding the perfect Water Pipe or bong for you , can be a lifelong pursuit. Therefore Selection your one from a wide range of glass pipes at Number 1 head shop kc.

Noble Glass

When it comes to soft glass pipes, Noble glass is the industry standard. Noble glass designs are unique and original. Unlike cheap imports, Noble Glass pieces are durable, hand blown artistically made soft glass pipes.

American Made Glass

American Made Glass

American Made Glass (AMG) is one of the most established and well respected companies of glass blowers in the Industry. Main Smoke Shop is proud to offer kansas city a variety of makes and models of water pipes from AMG.

Soft Glass Bongs

Soft Glass Pipes

Are you looking for a stylishly crafted spoon or water pipe? Main Smoke Offers a wide selection of colorful eye-catching soft glass pipes.

Nexus Water Pipes

Nexus Water Pipes

We carry a variety nexus water pipe models. Nexus is an established company of glass blowers that make stylish scientific glass pipes.

Blown Glass Goods

BLOWN Glassgoods

Stationed in Albuquerque, New Mexico, BLOWN Glassgoods is a US based company with a nac for creating stylish and technologically advanced glass pipes.

the go anywhere water pipe

The go anywhere / Strong Silicone water pipe

Durable silicone that is 100% FDA Approved food grade silicone Silicone Ice Catcher that is removable easy to clean & keeps smoke icy cool & filtered. Bowl & Stem are High quality borosilicate glassware which will fit into the silicone body. Suction Cup Base is a unique concave base which creates bump proof suction.

Glass Stone Blue

Glass Stone Pipe

Glass Stone is a glass blowing group out of Hollywood California. Glass Stone is responsible for some of the coolest pipe designs in our store.

Acrylic Water Pipes

Acrylic Water Pipes

Acrylic pipes offer good smoking functionality at a lower price point than glass or ceramic water pipes. We offer many options for getting an acrylic piece with a good design on a budget.

Golden Goose Glass

Golden Goose Water Pipe

Golden Goose Is One of the Highest End Glass Blowing Companies In The United States. A Golden Goose Piece Is offers alot of style and benefits of modern glass blowing technol

Ceramic Water Pipes

Ceramic Water Pipes

Ceramic Water Pipes Have Been Around Forever and Are A Classic. While more technologically complicated glass pieces have become all the rave in recent years, many seasoned smokers still prefer a well made ceramic piece.

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