Kratom has also been known to be used as an anti-diuretic and to treat premature ejaculation. Aside from its mood enhancing aspect Read More


Glass Pipes

Main Smoke Shop offers a large variety of custom metal, glass, wood, and stone pipes, including bubblers, spoons, dab rigs, water pipes, and artistic glass pieces. Read More


E Juice

E-juice comes in both nicotine and non-nicotine based blends. We carry numerous top e-liquid brands that also vary in potency of nicotine from 0% to upwards of 35% [mg/ml] Read More

E Mods & Vaporizers

Box Mods & Vape Pen

From Budget Vapor Pens To Industry Leading Brands, We stock a huge variety of vaporizing options. Whether you need to buy a portable vaporizer on the go , Read More 

& Much more

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Top Of The Line Vaporizer & E Mods Selection

From Budget Vapor Pens To Industry Leading Brands, We stock a huge variety of vaporizing options. Whether you need to buy a portable vaporizer on the go, or a desktop setup to enjoy vaping at home, we stock all of the industry leading options.

Award winning Vape Shop with the best water pipes, bongs, glass pipes, vapes and accessories. Main Smoke Shop offer a large, curated selection of scientific glass, heady glass, bubblers, dab rigs and hand pipes. Also complete range of vaporizers, Vape pen, Electronic Cigarettes, Vape Juice, E Liquid  & everything you need for vape, smoke & dab.


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Buy Unique Glass Pipes

When it comes to hand blown glass pipes, no smoke shop in Kansas City has a wider selection. In terms of choice and quality, we strive to be the best head shop to buy both local and branded glass.

Our Vape Shop carry glass pipes in all shapes, sizes, and applications. At Main Smoke you can purchase hand blown pieces from top glass blowing brands, independent glass blowers from around the nation, & local Kansas City artists.

Customize Your Pipes & Vaporizers

In addition to deals on new pipes & vaporizers, we also carry a variety of replacement parts, modifications, and accessories.

“Main” Vape Shop have down-stems, bowls, recyclers, and ash-catchers to upgrade the look and functionality of your glass piece.

We carry domed and dome-less nails of glass, quartz, titanium, and ceramic to get your glass ready for dabbing.

We, Vape Shop with wide range, stock cartomizers, mouth tips, & connector joints to upgrade the look and functionality of your E-CIG or Concentrate Pen.

No Head Shop In Kansas City offers more options to customize your smoking, vaping, and dabbing setups.

Newest Technology, Top Brands, & Local Art.

We’re Biggest Head Shop in KC, always adding cool new items. We stock in International and Local Kansas City Talent. We sell tools varying in style & application, across a wide range of technology. At our store you can buy good gifts from gifted companies and gifted people.

Full Service Head Shop

A Head Shop, specialize in head soothing products. Our goal is give customers a deal beneficial for the both of us. We can make special orders from any leading brands. We can help you find any item across any category of products you seek.