Like To Dab In Kansas City?

We sell alot of dabbing related products marketed for use with Oil concentrates. If you need to buy a new dab rig or buy the parts needed to make your own, we have what you need @ 3429 Main Street.

Need a new nail for your domed nail setup? We sell domed nails made of glass, quartz, titanium, and ceramic. We also have glass and quartz domes to replace your broken pieces.

If you want to upgrade your domed setup to a domeless nail, we sell domeless nails in quartz, titanium, and ceramic. We carry domeless nails that fit 14mm & 18mm joints + universal nails that will fit any and every standard glass pipe joint. We also sell popular domeless styles such as bangers & honey buckets.

For the dabber that prefers electricity over torch heating, we also sell e-nails from top brands such as Ninja Nail, Galaxy E-nail, Mini-Nail & D-nail.

If you need dabbing accessories, we have a wide selection. We carry titanium, glass, and quartz dabbers as well as portable stash containers made of silicone. When it comes to dabbing, we have alot to offer and hope that you’ll stop by 3429 Main to help us fill all of your dabbing needs.

By Attiq SEO Expert

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