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ZOB dab rig with galaxy enail perfect for every occasion wonderful piece.When it comes to dabbing, We are a true {one stop] dab shop. We carry all the latest technology and tools associated with setting up a dab rig.


If you need a complete dabbing setup, we have many options. If you need accessories to supplement your dabbing ritual, we stock many options. We sell complete oil rigs and the parts needed to make your own dab rig.

If you need a complete dab rig from top

brands, a custom assembled dab rig by us,or a nail to convert your favorite water pipe into a good oil rig, than come visit us @ 3429 Main Street.









We Sell Nector Collectors

A hand-held water pipe used for dabbing is referred to as a nectar collector. We sell a variety of nectar collector makes and models from international and local Kansas City talent + Industry leading brands.

Dabbing Parts & Accessories

For a pipe or nectar collector to become a full functioning dab rig, it simply must be able to accept a heating mechanism used to dab most commonly referred to as a nail.

Best Nectar Collector Brands

The Nail

In dabbing, the nail is the part you heat with a torch before dabbing concentrate onto it. The two most common nail types are referred to as domed nails and dome-less nails.

Domed Nails

Nails with domes are the most inexpensive and common type of nail used to convert a standard water pipe into a full functioning dab rig. Is your domed nail broken?  We can replace the nail, the dome, or both elements.  We sell glass domes of different sizes as well as glass nails and titanium nails made specifically for domed nail setups.

How To Use A Domed Nail

1. Heat up a glass, titanium, or ceramic nail,
2. Fit the glass dome over the heated nail,
3, Dab the concentrate onto the nail
4, Inhale vapor through the rig.

Dome-less Nails

Domeless nails are a premium way to convert a water pipe or nectar collector into a high performance Dab Rig.

As opposed to the domed nail, the dome-less nail doesn’t require the dabber to attach a dome over the nail. Dome-less nails are designed to fit a pipe and efficiently capture the vapor without needing to put a dome back on.

We carry domeless nails made of quarts, ceramic, and titanium. We carry dome-less nails in a variety of shapes and sizes including bangers and honey buckets.


An e-nail is an electric heating tool that attaches to a domeless nail, often taking the appearance of a briefcase. An enail is regarded as safer than a torch and allows you to keep your nail hot at all times which is great for social dabbing. We carry the industries most popular and trusted e-nail brands including Mini Nail, And D-nail.

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Silicone Stash Containers & Trays

Because of its resistance to heat and stickiness, Silicone is a dabber’s best friend. Not only can you easily stash concentrates into a silicone container, you can also dab directly from the container when equipped with a nectar collector.  We carry silicone containers, trays, and mats that make a great addition to any dab setup.

BEST place 2 Buy Dab Supplies Kansas City

As an authorized dealer to many top dabbing brands, we offer a local price match guarantee across our complete line of dabbing tools and products. We will meet or beat any local KC competitor on the price of any top brand. We offer great deals on dabbing products and can also setup custom dabbing solutions for the individual dabber. We take pride in our inventory of dabbing products and custom dab-rigs, and aim to become known as Kansas City’s overall best place to buy Dab rigs and accessories in 2018.

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