Dokha Tobacco

What Is Dokha Tobacco?

Dokha tobacco is a unique Arabic Style tobacco known for its strength due to high nicotine content. Historically, the dokha blend was mixed with herbs, spices, dried flowers, and/or fruit. Dokha has been cultivated smoked in the Middle East for over 500 years. Today, dokha is commercially sold as a pure high nicotine content tobacco without any additives.

Local Dokha Company: Medwakh

Medwakh Dokha Tobacco KC

We are proud to offer Kansas City a wide variety of selection within one of the best dokha tobacco brands: Medwakh.

If you’re looking for the best dokha experience and also to support a thriving company out of Lawrance, KS then go ahead and make your way to our store and pick up a medwakh dokha blend. As an authorized Medwakh dealer, We carry a variety of strengths including Warm, Over Warm, Hot, & Cold.

Nirvana Dokha Tobacco

Nirvana Dokha Kansas City

Best Dokha Tobacco KC

One of the most popular dokha tobacco brands worldwide is Nirvana. We carry a variety of strengths and flavors of Nirvana Dokha Tobacco & Nirvana Dokha Shisha.

Nirvana Super Shisha Is Made With Dokha

Best Dokha Shisha Blend KC

When it comes to smoking dokha tobacco out of a hookah, the top brand of dokha blend is Nrivana. Nirvana super shisha is known for its high buzz effect stemming from the fact that its made with dokha tobacco. Nirvana delivers quality dokha based shisha in a number of great flavors. Whats more, they also extend their quality flavors into the vaping arena with Nirvana E-juice.

We Sell Dokha Pipes

Dokha Pipes Kansas City

If you’re looking for dokha tobacco We Got it. If you’re looking for Dokha pipes, we have them. In addition to carrying a huge selection of multi-purpose water pipes and spoon pipes We also carry a variety of pipes engineered specifically for dokha tobacco smoking.

Best place to buy Dokha Tobacco In Kansas City

We offer a good variety of dokha tobacco products and accessories. Additionally, we also offer a local price match guarantee across our complete line of dokha tobaccos. Whether it is Medwakh, or Nirvana, we will meet or beat the price of any Kansas City within our selection of premium dokha tobacco blends. Our goal is to become known as the best place to buy dokha tobacco and pipes in Kansas City 2017.

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